New FIXAR positions on the Automotive Component Market

CARBERRY GmbH manufactures suspension components under the FIXAR brand - the most important components, as the safety and the comfort of the driver and passengers directly depend on their reliability. The company's technical specialists pay great attention not only to the quality and technical features of the manufactured autocomponents, but also to the timely updating of the assortment, which allows the German company to offer autoparts that meet the latest and current consumer needs on the market.

The current update includes new products in such product groups as silent blocks, bushings and stabilizer links, engine mounts and control arms. They are intended primarily for Japanese and Korean cars. The following articles can be distinguished:


  • Bushings FIXAR FG0668 for LEXUS RX 08->;
  • Engine mounts FIXAR FL0186 for HYUNDAI Solaris 10->;
  • Engine mounts FIXAR FL0193 for TOYOTA Camry 11->.


Owners of European cars are also not forgotten. Among the new products, for example, suspension details for the OPEL Astra H 04-> can be noted: articles FG0663, FL0189, FL0190.

FIXAR suspension parts are designed to be installed on most popular cars of European, Asian and American production. All FIXAR automotive components are certified and comply with EU legislation. All Carberry GmbH factories are ISO/TS 16949:2009 certified and have research centers that monitor production processes and provide the highest level of quality for each product. All FIXAR suspension elements are covered by 12 calendar months warranty, which starts from a purchase day.

Expansion of the product range of BLITZ calipers

Carberry GmbH specialists are pleased to announce the expected expansion of the brake calipers product group, which the German company produces under the BLITZ brand. BLITZ brake calipers are used for installation on cars of leading world manufacturers.

Manufacturing exclusively of the highest quality alloys and special precision machining of the pistons, which guarantees long-lasting caliper operation, can be mentioned among the main design features and important competitive advantages of BLITZ brake calipers. Moreover, high-quality rubber seals ensure reliable caliper operation over a wide temperature range while maintaining all the technical features of the part. The working surface of the cylinder and piston (mirror) is processed using surface compaction technology, which ensures long-term operation of the “cylinder-piston” pair.


The current expansion of the range of BLITZ calipers will touch on such automobile brands as AUDI, MERCEDES BENZ, OPEL, MITSUBISHI. For example, the following new articles can be distinguished:

  • Articles BZ0145 and BZ0146 for MERCEDES BENZ Sprinter/VW Crafter 06->;
  • Articles BZ0153 and BZ0154 for AUDI Q3 07-> and VW Tiguan 07->;
  • Articles BZ0159 and BZ0160 for OPEL Astra J 11->.


All BLITZ brake calipers have certificates that authorize their use both in the countries of EU and of the Customs Union and in the Russian Federation. All brand products have a one-year warranty from the date of purchase. The use of BLITZ brake system components on your car is a guarantee of maximum safety and comfort on the road.