Expansion of the range of wiper blades CARBERRY

The German company Carberry GmbH is pleased to announce the next expansion of the range of wiper blades under the Carberry brand.  During the current expansion, new sizes of wiper blades have been added to the company's lines (Standard, Hybrid, T-Flex). Now CARBERRY wipers are presented in all sizes demanded on the Russian market, which allows them to be installed on a car of almost any modification.


Carberry GmbH offers the following types of wiper blades:

- Frame wiper blades. The standard line. Wiper blades have a reinforced frame due to a 20% increase in its thickness. Frameworks of all wipers are coated with a special anti-corrosion compound to protect against harmful environmental influences;

- Hybrid wiper blades. Hybrid line.  Due to the hybrid technology and the use of spring steel, wiper blades are providing optimal clamping and precise overlapping of the geometry of the windshield;

- Frameless wiper blades. T-flex line. Wiper blades have excellent aerodynamics and fit to the windshields of even the most complex shapes due to the T-FLEX technology. All frameless wiper blades are provided with the adapter set, which has the compatibility with 97% of bracing types.


There are a number of  advantages of CARBERRY wiper blades:

1. Only high-quality rubber with natural rubber is used for production;

2. Teflon rubber coating is providing the noiseless operation of wipers;

3. Perfect glass cleaning over the entire life cycle due to laser cutting technology.


All CARBERRY products are certified according to EAEU standards and undergo multi-stage quality control during the production process. All Carberry GmbH factories are certified according to the ISO/TS 16949:2009 quality system. Each of them is equipped with a research center, where production processes are monitored and a high level of reliability of products is provided. All brand products have a one-year warranty from the date of purchase.

New product group under the BLITZ brand

The specialists of the German company Carberry GmbH have presented a new product group under the BLITZ brand - caliper repair kits! The auto parts of this long-awaited product group are already available at the company's warehouse.

The braking system of any vehicle is the main mechanism that guarantees the safety and the comfort of both the driver and the passengers as well as other road users. The caliper is one of its most important elements. The braking system of the car must be constantly maintained in excellent working condition and its serviceability should be always monitored. Caliper repair kit is a set of spare parts required for the repair and the maintenance of a caliper. Depending on the car’s brand, it may include such various elements as the caliper piston, caliper guide, various seals, etc.

The current expansion of the range includes 254 articles, which are suitable for installation on vehicles from leading global manufacturers.

The materials used in the production of BLITZ repair kits and the dimensions of the finished products fully comply with the OE quality and specifications of the automakers. All components of the BLITZ braking system have certificates that allow their use both in the EU countries, as well as in the Russian Federation and the countries of the Customs Union. All brand products have a one-year unconditional guarantee from the date of purchase.