Our brands

Each brand matches the specific product group. The needs of the automotive market are satisfied with all product group items. The smart logistics system ensures quick delivery. These advantages ensure our stable market presence.

Rapid braking: braking systems, brake pads and brake discs.

Reliability and safety confirmed by ECE R90; braking systems for fast braking with extreme accuracy having the warranty period of up to 12 months since the sales date or up to 50000 km since brake pads and brake discs are put into operation.

Real ride control: tie rod and tie rod ends, control arms, stabilizer links, ball joints, engine mounts, gear box mounts, bushings and silent blocks.

To produce rubber suspension elements, only high-quality rubber is used with natural rubber added. All tie rods/tie rod ends, engine and gear box mounts, ball joints, control arms and stabilizer links are made of high-quality raw material.

Dynamic transmission: drive shafts, CV joints, hubs, CV joint boots.

Reliability in each case - the HAFT transmission system parts match almost all car models. Extreme solid materials in combination with  high manufacturing accuracy. HAFT hubs transfer rotation directly to wheels and the HAFT CV joint boots are made of high-quality EPDM rubber. With lubrication, they prevent moisture penetration to working surface of joints.

Reliable protection for your engine: AC condensers, oil radiators, heat cores, engine radiators, water pumps, fans, thermostats

FREE-Z radiators mean safety of your motor, especially at higher loads. FREE-Z condensers are equipped with advanced tubes to allow efficient air flow and maximum heat exchange. The heat cores and all oil radiators as per their specifications fully meet OEM requirements.

We care about your engine motor cleanliness and purity of air inside the cabin: oil, fuel, air and cabin air filters.

GREEN FILTER filters ensure effective motor oil, fuel or air filtration in motor and in cabin.

Keep control on the road: shock absorbers and strut mounts.

Full control of vehicle due to the best road adhesion. The suspension of your car has never been so strong and comfortable. TORR strut mounts ensure maximum efficiency.