The German company Carberry GmbH is a qualified specialist in the spare parts market for European and Asian cars. "Made in Germany" engineering skill and production of our products range at state-of-the-art equipment, precise selection of raw material, high accuracy and strict quality standards meet highest requirements of our clients.

Portfolio of Carberry GmbH includes a wide range of products - over 10000 items of spare parts in OE quality. In this view, the company is a strong partner in the aftermarket. The Carberry GmbH wide product range is perfectly customized to meet requirements of the European car market. Due to the diversity of its product range, the company presents spare parts for Asian cars, either.

The Carberry product quality meet requirements of car manufacturers. Excellent positioning in the market and market promotion of our products, competitive prices and high quality are best precondition for our BLITZ, TORR, HAFT, FREE-Z, GREEN FILTER and FIXAR brands to become popular at European markets and particularly at markets of Central and Eastern Europe.

The Carberry GmbH has a long-term engineering and technical experience and production at more than 20 most advanced manufacturing sites, faithful suppliers and partners and has the steady quality control of operations to be performed throughout the whole technological chain as from selection of raw material to a manufacture of the ideal finished product. Definitely, our products fully meet requirements of car manufacturers. Our quality assurance system meets all requirements of our customers. All manufacturing sites are certified as per TS ISO.

The corporate quality control is continuous as from selection of raw material to delivery of finished products. To satisfy high requirements for quality, our products are made of high-quality materials at the state-of-the-art production equipment. Within deliveries, we perform the random quality control to ensure highest satisfaction of the client.

All Carberry GmbH products are marked with QR-code. This innovative item identification system makes it possible for our clients to manage the product choice.