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Carberry GmbH produces spare parts under seven leading brands such as BLITZ, TORR, HAFT, GREEN FILTER, FREE-Z, FIXAR, CARBERRY. Our individually chosen product range perfectly meets requirements of both European and Asian car manufacturers.
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To replace worn-out spare parts, Carberry GmbH and its seven leading brands such as BLITZ, TORR, HAFT, GREEN FILTER, FREE-Z, FIXAR, CARBERRY offer wide range for more than 10000 spare parts in OE quality.
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With our seven leading brands BLITZ, TORR, HAFT, GREEN FILTER, FREE-Z, FIXAR, CARBERRY in the field of motor cars, we attempt to cover the most important commodity groups for systems like braking, suspension parts, cooling and filtration, transmission.
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Our company products comply with the highest requirements of the automotive spare part market. Selection of raw materials, high manufacturing accuracy at advanced production sites and strict quality control system ensure excellent choice of products.
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Reliability and safety
these include the goals targeted by Carberry GmbH. With seven leading brands such as BLITZ, TORR, HAFT, GREEN FILTER, FREE-Z, FIXAR, CARBERRY, our company is the qualified specialist in the spare part market.
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The Carberry GmbH portfolio includes such top brands as BLITZ, TORR, HAFT, GREEN FILTER, FREE-Z, FIXAR. We offer a wide range of items including more than 10000 spare parts of such commodity groups as braking systems, shock absorbers, transmission, filters, radiators, car's suspension. The properly chosen product range, effective logistics, balanced pricing policy, multi-stage quality control system are the most significant competitive advantages of Carberry products.

Our brands

Each Carberry GmbH trade mark complies with the specific commodity group. For the HAFT trade mark (transmission) it means, for example, that it employs engineers and designers highly qualified in this area, who are professionals in transmission and related theme and who design high quality spare parts for cars. The above process of spare parts manufacture allows the best products range that meets highest requirements of European markets. Dynamic development of the Carberry's distribution network is the acknowledgment of our product to be highly demanded.

Braking systems
Suspension elements
Springs and shock absorbers
Cooling system
Filtration system
Wiper blades and autolamps

Carberry GmbH: Advantages for professionals

1. Wide range of automotive components (more than 10.000 products) with optimal price;
2. Variability of parts (can be used on over 17.000 different car models) and clearly proven pricing strategy causes high product turn-over;
3. Line of products is regularly updated (at least 500 new items every year) to ensure high demand for products in catalogue on the market;
4. Smart logistics ensures fast delivery for ordered goods, order completion and availability of all items in stock on regular basis;
5. Extended warranty on all items;
6. Comfortable feedback system for Company partners and manufacturers;
7. Technological, marketing and trading support for all Carberry GmbH dealers.

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